Reach Thousands of Potential Customers Each Month! Boost Your Social Media Presence, SEO Ranking & Do Good For Charity!
Each Facebook Check-in Adds to the Amount of Donations We Generate for This Month's Charity.
Solutions by Design introduces Check-in 4 Charity, an exciting social media tool that creates amazing customer impressions and reach for fractions of a penny. This may be the lowest cost-per-point advertising and social media marketing tool available in the world. Our Facebook integration connects your customer's Facebook account to your Facebook page when they check-in at your business to benefit Check-in 4 Charity. Each Facebook check-in your business receives is broadcasted to an average of over 300 potential leads per check-in!

When you join Check-in 4 Charity your business is connected to our national network of participating businesses sharing up to the minute total check-ins and donations raised for the charity of the month. We established relationships and committed donations to 12 charities, one per month. Your customers see the “call to action” notifying them that for every check-in at your business, a donation is made to the charity of the month. We realize that local charities are a major concern for many of our clients, so we have allocated June as “Local Charity Month.”



Solutions by Design will provide a Starter Kit and all of the content required to make this a big success for your business. We will keep track of your check-ins and automatically update your digital display to show the numbers of donations made by all Check-in 4 Charity participating businesses worldwide.

Check-in 4 Charity Membership Includes:

  • Digital Display
  • POS Posters
  • Table Tents
  • Digital Media
  • Monthly Check-in 4 Charity posts to share on social media & web
  • Automatic Donations Made To Charities
  • Membership Announcement On Social Media
  • Tracking Of Facebook Check-ins & Impressions
  • Monthly Certificate Of Appreciation
  • Monthly donation made in your name to the charity of the month
  • Tax Deductible

Additional Features For bLink Users

  • Queue up Monthly Mass Emailer

Additional Features For Montage Users

  • Banner Ad
  • Camera Booth Feature


Customers see signage and are encouraged to check-in to your office for charity on Facebook


Check-ins will be seen by 300 or more of their Facebook friends


Friend-to-friend referrals generate potential customers

Through extensive research and outreach, our team has followed all of the precautions to make sure your donation benefits the people and organizations you want to help.


Visual that customers see on your website and digital signage.


Why should I choose Check-in 4 Charity?

Check-in 4 Charity saves you the time and hassle of setting up a charitable program at your office by taking care of everything for you. Our team devotes the man hours to creating the artwork, providing promotional material, updating your digital display, tracking your check-ins, determining the cost per check-in, and dealing with the monthly charities and donations to let you focus on running your business.

How much is each check-in worth?

The amount of each check-in will vary from month to month. It all depends on the charity of the month. Our team will figure out the cost of each check in based on the good that is being donated every month. The details will be broadcasted on your digital display during your monthly update.

Is there a Check-in 4 Charity package that allows me choose local charities to support every month?

Because we work with clients all over the world, we aren’t able to offer a package for local charities in each and every town. However, we realize that local charities are a major concern for many of our clients, so we have allocated June as “Local Charity Month.” In June, all clients will be allowed to choose a local charity that we will work with and focus their June Check-in 4 Charity campaign on for that month.

Who created Check-in 4 Charity?

Check-in 4 Charity is a Solutions By Design product created in January of 2016. For over 30 years, Solutions by Design has developed communication programs for businesses throughout the world. We serve thousands of clients in 22 countries and are focused on excellence in every respect. Our services include strategic planning, a wide range of both traditional and web-based marketing services, corporate identity, branding, collateral, website design and custom application development.
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